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Photographs truly are something meaningful. They're special for many reasons. It's a tangible way for us to hold a moment in time, relive a memorable moment. Photos are not just something to look at but something to feel. A piece of nostalgia and they quickly become family heirlooms. I love looking at my parents old wedding photos. Sitting, staring and imagining the butterflies my mom had in her stomach that day or the beautiful nerves my dad said he felt.

Weddings being particularly special and unique because it's not everyday that we get to have all of our favorite and beloved people joined in one place at one time. Seriously, when does that ever get to happen?

// An online gallery, print release and access to the print shop are always included. //



90 Minutes

An engagement session is the best opportunity for us to connect and get you comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day arrives.

Wardrobe changes are not required but always welcomed.


Simple Wedding Coverage

6 Hours

Simple Wedding Coverage is good for those looking to capture the main highlights of the day and moments throughout.


More Wedding Coverage

8 Hours + Engagement

Awesome! We get to connect and create before your wedding day as well as have more time for some funky night shots the night of the wedding.


Full Coverage

10 Hours + Engagement

Full coverage is great for those looking to capture the full day from start well into the evening. This rate includes an engagement session as well as a mini print book full of Amanda's favorite photos from the day.


Let's connect!

Let's make something beautiful

Have questions? Want to check to see if you're date is available?

Feel free to send on over a few details about what you're planning for your wedding day so we can get started.