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Check out a few blog posts below. All of Amanda’s most recent work can be found can be found on her Instagram page here.

Amanda’s approach to capturing the Wedding Day is simple. Her perspective is similar to a home movie you may have grown up creating. The images are essentially movie stills of one of the best days of your life.

Wanna get creative and a little weird? Oh boy you said the magic words! During our engagement session as well as during our portrait session on the day of we will be sure to get a little funky. I am known to bring random toys, pieces of plastic, crystals, etc. that I like to place in front of my lens when shooting to get super unique and creative photos for us. 

You just let me know how crazy you want to get. I feed off of your energy and am truly inspired by you and your connection to one another. It’s simple. I am an awkward gal in front of the camera myself so I like to guide others the way I would like to be directed in front of the camera. Trust me it’s uber casual. 

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To see Amanda's most recent work feel free to check out her Instagram below!