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Zombie Bride and Groom Photos | Zombie Love| Destinee + David

Went cruising around the streets of Downtown Santa Ana with a killer Zombie Bride and Groom. We crept around a parking structure, died around the Yost Theatre and ended our evening with a fresh one over at Mission Bar. (Highly recommended if you’re looking for a chill spot with some unique beers)

Check out some of our Zombie bride and groom photos from this Halloween Elopement shoot below..

Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Zombie Couple. Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Zombie Couple.

It is no secret that Destinee Nicholson ( is a wizard with special effects makeup. We’ve been dying to create some Halloween Bride and Groom photos. “Zombie Love”!! That’s what Destinee said and that’s what we did! She went all out with her bag of tricks for this Zombie Bride and Groom inspired shoot. She picked up her wedding dress from Goodwill as well as David’s groom suit. For the prosthetic makeup she used Tinsley Transfers, Skin Illustrator alcohol palette colors and Ben Nye blood.


A Zombie’s Love is Forever.
Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Zombie Couple.

We found an empty parking structure and went up to the top floor. Our bride and groom Destinee and David layed their decaying zombie bodies down for some portraits. We then ventured off to some alley ways and found a big great full wall mural that was full of color.

Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Zombie Couple.

We then found ourselves in front of the Yost Theatre.  A famous and historical theatre in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana. Not showing films anymore but hosting big badass events. You could even rent the place out for a wedding! It was the perfect backdrop for our halloween bride and groom photos. Destinee and David possessed a very rock and roll vibe. Rock n’ Roll Zombies if you will.

Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Zombie Couple. Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Yost Theatre Wedding Photos. Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Zombie Couple. Halloween Bride and Groom Photos. Zombie Couple.

Taking photos everywhere we ventured off people would drive by and honk at our bride and groom excited with the halloween spirit. We found ourselves at a cool and tucked away watering hole called Mission Bar. There are a couple pool tables, a juke box and tons of great craft and seasonal beers. Sometimes Zombie’s.

Mission Bar was a killer spot to rest our bones after celebrating Halloween and having a blast creating some badass Bride and Groom photos together.

SFX Halloween Makeup Artist – Destinee Nicholson from Orange County
Fleshy Prosthetics – Tinsley Transfers
Makeup – Skin Illustrator Alcohol Palette Colors
Blood – Ben Nye Blood
Wedding Dress + Groom Suit – Goodwill
Theatre – The Yost Theatre
Location – Downtown Santa Ana
Badass Bar – Mission Bar
Photography – Amanda Canton 

These Halloween inspired Bride and Groom Photos are by Amanda Canton, a photographer based in Orange County who specializes in creative wedding photography. 


Man oh man! These are crazy! And the makeup my word!!! Awesome!

Wow! These are so great and so creepy!

These are so eerily good! I want to do a themed session like this one day.

This is such a cool concept. You smashed this shoot, Amanda!

AMEN to every single photo in this set! I love everything about it. And the make up KILLED IT!!!

love this!! so awesome!

That’s it… I’m getting re-married so you can take epic pics of Ry and I!

These are perfect in every way!!

These are to die for! The colors really pull you in. Just yesss.

Gaaaahhh thank you so much. Those words mean something to me. ❤️❤️❤️

these are crazy!! what a fun shoot, and wow so realistic!

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